Major Cities of Europe: Channeling Change

There will be a presentation about CLASS at the Major Cities of Europe conference. This year´s theme will focus on ¨Channeling Change by Digital Cities¨. It is organised by the Municipality of Venice in partnership with Venis S.p.A. ( and the Ca’ Foscari University ( ), that will host the conference at its Economic Campus.

More about about this event:

The conference is about Channeling Change by Digital Cities. It offers the opportunity to explore and discover how change is being implemented across Local Governments and and discuss how further progress can be achieved. These are the main topics planned for the sessions of the conference:

– Cities as service hubs: Citizen at the centre – Local governments become integrated service providers and partner to provide citizens services with other local public and private players.

– New and Emerging Technologies: How to ensure that innovative technologies add value to the lives of the citizens? How to leverage Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies?

– The Moral Maze: How local governments ensure that the use of technology is ethical and that citizens’ participative initiatives through social media are managed in an ethical and protected way?

– Troubled Projects – Good Procurement: How procurement decisions are taken and how solutions or technologies are selected to be the right foundations? How to manage troubled projects? How to take the right decisions and to persuade the organisation?

– Changing roles, change management and digital transformation: How to face the dangerous chasm between the existing managerial and professional skills and the new required skills and abilities.

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