Digital traffic signs

The digital traffic sign application offers the opportunity to experiment, on a simulated environment, the impact of dynamically changing the traffic conditions based on real-time information collected from the distributed sensor infrastructure of the MASA.

Traffic sign application from the CLASS connected car

In case of accidents, the traffic signals advise the “best path to follow”, reducing the induced traffic impact and improving the driver experience. For emergency vehicles (e.g., ambulances, firefighters and police vehicles), it dynamically creates "green routes" by adjusting the frequency of the traffic lights to reduce the time of intervention. The key benefits of these digital traffic signs are:

  • an improved driving experience, reducing the time it takes to circumvent blocked traffic situations related to congestion, accidents, road works, etc.
  • reduced CO2 emissions in central urban areas
  • improved safety of Vulnerable Road Users (VRU), like pedestrians, cyclists, etc.