The first project video below provides an overview of the CLASS software architecture and smart city use case.

The second project video of CLASS shows how the projects helps smart communication between vehicles and cities take a big step forward.

This is our final project video showcasing the software architecture and use case in Modena and how it will improve the life of citizens.

Watch the CLASS demo below that was presented at the Motor Valley Fest 2020 during the MASA day.


In the following video you can see how the CLASS cars were sensorized and equipped for the project's purposes.


Below you can watch the BDVA-CLASS webinar that took place in April 2021.

In the following video, find the full recording of the CLASS session at the HiPEAC Computing Systems Week Spring 2021.

Below you can find the full recording of the CLASS final dissemination event that took place on 30 June 2021.