Industrial Advisory Board


The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) is an independent, industry-based body of experts whose valuable competence and proficiency provide significant input in the project’s progress and results. Their contribution as keen observers and valued advisors also ensures that opportunities for further dissemination and exploitation are identified and pursued.

The IAB of CLASS has been established at an early stage of the project and is composed of high profile key industrial people in the EU. The IAB members are selected by the Executive Board in order to meet the following main objectives:

  • to build a strong industrial focus within the project
  • to act as multipliers for result dissemination and exploitation
  • to offer contributions and recommendations from other application domains, and model-driven and chip-vendors experts   

During the initial phase of the project, the role of the IAB is to give feedback on the requirements formulated by the project and to discuss the ones for the different industries in which the edge computing devices are used. During the middle phase of the project, input from the IAB helps the project to be kept on focus on the pressing issues that need to be addressed from an edge perspective. During the final stages, members of the IAB will analyse the results developed in the project and see how these are applicable to other smart domains using the same processors on the edge.

The CLASS IAB members are:

"CLASS provides a very good architecture for big data analytics at both, Cloud and Edge. Hence, CLASS introduces key concepts which are quite important, when considering the direction in which automotive industry is moving to." Francisco Paez Padilla, Continental Corporation