Key exploitable results

Explore the CLASS key exploitable assets, as identified by the project and uploaded on the European Commission's Horizon Results platform. These assets are interesting results that have been selected and prioritised due to their high potential to be exploited downstream the value chain of a product, process or solution, or act as an important input to policy, further research or education.

Result Description
COMPSs A framework to facilitate the development and execution of applications for distributed infrastructures
SLALite An automatic tool that manages Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in Edge environments
EXPRESS A novel framework for landing cluster applications onto Cloud Platforms
TK Fusion It allows to detect, track and identify an object and notify it to the infrastructure owner based on Long Term Evolution (LTE) 4G network
dataClay A distributed data store that enables applications to store and access objects in the same format they have in memory, and executes object methods within the data store
Lithops A map/reduce engine over serverless. Originated before CLASS, it also contributed features in the project: initialization, performance optimizations