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CLASS demo at the digital Motor Valley Fest 2020

An exciting CLASS demo was presented at the Motor Valley Fest 2020, which turned to a successful online event this year. The demo went live on 15 May during the MASA day, a day dedicated to presentations on autonomous driving systems and innovative projects taking place at the dedicated smart city area of Modena. In this context, the CLASS framework was showcased along with a presentation describing the technical details of the software architecture.

The CLASS demo features Luca Chiantore, manager of the department of smart city, demographic services and participation of the Modena City Council, and Roberto Cavicchioli, researcher at the HiPeRTLab of UNIMORE, who, as CLASS partners, talk about the technology of the project and how this is implemented in the smart city area of Modena. In addition, it demonstrates through real images and video shots how the CLASS software infrastructure allows the collection, analysis and processing of vast amount of data obtained by the sensors at the MASA, in order to transform it into valuable knowledge for smart city applications.

The Motor Valley Fest 2020 programme included prestigious Italian and international speakers and key talks and demonstrations, all live-streamed to a global audience. The CLASS project was glad to participate in the event last year and to continue the tradition this year too.

Watch the CLASS demo along with the rest of the presentations of the event here.