Genova Smart Week 2020

The CLASS partner Roberto Cavicchioli from Università degli Studi di Modena e di Reggio Emilia presents our project at the conference "Vehicles and infrastructure for connected mobility" which takes place online on 23 November at 14:00-16:30 (in Italian). The session is part of the Genova Smart Week 2020, held on live streaming on 23-28 November 2020.

The narrative of smart mobility over the years has been focused on connections: a vehicle or infrastructure is smart if it has or provides wireless connections. As a contributor to this exchange, the vehicle is a supplier of “consumption” data, such as position, speed, driving and engine parameters, and other activities carried out on board. Even autonomous driving, originally based on the local processing of external information collected with local sensors, has become a component of the connection.

Over the past two years, the narrative has begun to evolve: the new V2V and V2X standards have re-evaluated the role of the vehicle as a sensory center, capable of providing timely information from a given point in space, as safety requires constant collaboration of the vehicle with both its neighbors and the infrastructure. On the technological front, edge computing, popularized by 5G, and advanced mapping and geomatics have led us to talk about networks based on mobile nodes and virtualized services.

In the same vein, the presentation of Roberto Cavicchioli, "Creating an overview in real time - CLASS in the Smart City" (Realizzare una visione d’insieme in tempo reale – CLASS nella Smart City), focuses on the way the CLASS innovative software infrastructure allows to efficiently combine data-in-motion and data-at-rest analytics along the compute continuum, while providing real time guarantees, for smart city applications.

Discover more about the event and register for free here (in Italian).