Webinar: Guida autonoma: a che punto siamo?

Representatives from the CLASS partners Maserati and UNIMORE speak at the webinar "Autonomous driving: where are we?" ("Guida autonoma: a che punto siamo?" in Italian) that takes place on 8 July 2020.

The webinar is organised by Fabio Malagoli, a Modenese entrepreneur who owns Techboard. He has created E-hub, an incubator for start-ups operating in the hi-tech sector, and MILLEMILIA, a place to store supercars and offers opportunities for in-depth events about the automotive sector.

As part of these events, this session's panel, chaired by Fabio Malagoli, consits of Paolo Burgio from UNIMORE and Mara Tonietti from Maserati, who presented about autonomous driving and connected cities with particular reference to the relevant developments in the city of Modena, including the latest advancements in the CLASS project.

You can find the full recording (in Italian) here - the CLASS presentation starts in min 35:15.