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CLASS updates during the times of a pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are all trying to adapt to these challenging times. While the CLASS team keeps working from home, we also try to keep our spirits up as much as possible, considering the circumstances. In this attempt, we put together a short list of the latest CLASS readings and resources for our audience to go through during this “staying at home” challenge. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:

  • Our latest technical news piece titled “Deploying and managing COMPSs workflows with Rotterdam” written by Roi Sucasas Font from Atos. The article digs into the process of deploying and managing COMPSs workflows in Openshift (OKD) using Rotterdam and shows an example of a COMPSs workflow deployment to illustrate all the process.
  • Our CLASS entry in the BDVA Marketplace, dedicated mainly to industrial audiences. It explains the project’s technological novelty, how it fits in certain market areas, and how potential customers can benefit from it.
  • An article published on the Cities Today website, a well-established media channel for smart city and urban development news. The article titled “Modena tests new data analytics to reduce congestion” shows how CLASS is laying the foundations for a future of autonomous vehicles and aims to function as a proof-of-concept example for other cities.
  • An article written by the EC media team and posted on the Cordis website. The piece demonstrates CLASS’ smart city technology and its real life use case of connected cars in the city of Modena.
  • You may also want to watch our short project videos to learn about CLASS in a more visual way.

More news and updates are on their way! Stay tuned to keep up to date with our latest developments through the project news page, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.