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Modena Smart Life Festival welcomes CLASS

Luca Chiantore and Giuseppe Caruso (Comune di Modena) in front of the CLASS presentation

Colleagues from the CLASS partners City of Modena and University of Modena and Reggio Emilia attended the 2019 Modena Smart Life Festival. This year, the event focused on the theme of Artificial Intelligence and took place on 27-29 September in Modena, Italy.

They had the opportunity to present CLASS along with the Trafair project during a morning talk on Saturday 28 September. The projects were also presented at the exhibition of the Festival by joining other projects and initiatives of the City of Modena.

Luca Chiantore, Chief Information Officer of the Municipality and Giuseppe Caruso from the Buraeu for European Policies and International Relations at the City of Modena mentioned that “the Modena Smart Life 2019 Festival is a unique event where digital innovations from many different sectors are showcased in order to promote innovations in digital technologies that we use in our everyday lives. In that sense, CLASS was a perfect fit”. They went on to say that “as CLASS features are demonstrated in a real smart city use-case, participants were particularly keen to learn about its applications in the MASA area”.

The event included various digital culture highlights from local and international projects to booths and installations of everyday digital technology. Due to its wide range of smart life topics, a great number of attendees from different backgrounds - citizens, entrepreneurs, industries, and institutions - enjoyed the full 3-day agenda.