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CLASS factsheets just published!

With CLASS having come to an end, we are delighted to bring to you two factsheets that summarise the CLASS project and results in an informative and visual manner. Read about the content of the two factsheets below and download them by clicking on the corresponding images.

The first factsheet provides an overview of the project by briefing the readers on the challenge that CLASS aimed to tackle, the solution the project proposed, the smart city use case, and the three smart city applications. This factsheet could be of interest to different audiences, including industrial stakeholders, policy makers and local governments, as well as general public keen to discover the CLASS software architecture solution and urban mobility use case.

The second factsheet concerns the technical side of the project and gives a more in-depth demonstration of the novel CLASS software architecture and software components. It also shows the process of validating this innovative framework through the smart city use applications. This factsheet could be of interest to the research and scientific communities that works on big data analytics, cloud and edge computing, and IoT frameworks, as well as developers that deploy and execute big dat analytics applications.