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CLASS presence at SYSTOR’s poster session

Last Monday 4 June 2018, Erez Hadad, analytics lead at IBM, presented a CLASS poster during the afternoon poster session of the SYSTOR 2018 Conference.

The ACM International Systems and Storage Conference (SYSTOR) is an international forum for interaction across the systems research community, sponsored by ACM SIGOPS and USENIX and hosted in IBM Research - Haifa, once a year. The program includes innovative, peer-reviewed research papers in the broad area of systems and storage, as well as distinguished keynote lecturers, a poster session, and social events.

Image: Erez Hadad from IBM research presenting CLASS at the poster session

Hadad presented the CLASS poster starting with a general overview of the project (motivation, objectives, architecture, use cases) and then focused on the IBM’s role in it - serverless as an inclusive programming model for different techniques, real-time big data computation over serverless. The presentation generated a keen interest, specially about the deployment, the layout and the aplicability.

Download poster in PDF or read the Whitepaper.