China-Italy Big Data (Automotive) and Smart Mobility Forum

On 27 August, Paolo Burgio and Francesco Guaraldi from UNIMORE participate in the Smart China Expo in Chonqing, where they were invited to give a talk about the MASA project and discuss how big data will enable connected mobility of the future. They also presented CLASS and gave an overview of the project's activities in the MASA area.

The China-Italy Big Data (Automotive) and Smart Mobility Forum takes place at the "N" Pavilion of the International Yuelai Conference Center in Chongqing.

About the event

Co-organised by the China International Intelligent Industry Expo Organizing Committee, the Italian Consulate General in Chongqing, the China Automotive Engineering Research Institute and the Beijing Institute of Technology, the Forum is part of the second edition of the Smart China Expo, one of the most important national events in the science, technology and innovation sectors. This year, the Smart China Expo takes place on 26-29 August in Chongqing.