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Short demos as an important project asset

Short demonstration videos have been an important asset for CLASS in order to showcase the technical applications of the project in a visual, consice manner. The CLASS partners have created and showed demos in various occasions and for different audiences with the objective to present the CLASS software architecture and use case applications in an approachable, apparent way. 

CLASS demos have been presented by our consortium:

- at the internal F2F and digital project meetings and reviews

- at the CLASS Industrial Advisory Board meetings

- in project deliverables and reports to the European Commission

- in project-related news pieces and technical articles, such as:

        - Managing multiple Edge and Cloud clusters with Rotterdam

        - Creating a real-time ensemble vision

- at events, conferences, and exhibitions, including:

        - the Smart City Expo World Congres 2019

        - the Motor Valley Fest 2019 and 2020

        - the CLASS HiPEAC and BDVA webinars in 2021

We have recently created a subpage to gather all the CLASS demos together for quick and easy access. Stay tuned for more of demos to be posted on our page as we are approaching the end of the project!